MindAffect, a Dutch medical technology startup, has raised €1.1 million to bring its hearing diagnostic technology to market.

It is a spinout of Radboud University that has developed a patented brain-computer interface (BCI) technology that diagnoses hearing impairment from brain signals.

The company aims to provide a fairer testing solution specifically designed for patients who find it difficult to be tested, such as children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

MindAffect has combined neurobiology, BCI technology and artificial intelligence to develop Aurora, a non-responsive hearing diagnostic system that relies on stimuli and brain signals.

Aurora uses a headband that patients wear while listening to quiet chirping and watching videos without sound for less than 10 minutes. The system reads brain signals and combines the information with audiometric threshold tests of air and bone conduction to make a diagnosis.

MindAffect plans to launch Aurora next year. The company is also working on vision diagnostics for children, as well as a solution for monitoring work-related stress in challenging visual or auditory environments.