There are not strict guidelines and criteria for research, as creativity plays a significant role. However, we can outline the primary areas we are focusing on below.

Innovation projects

Research and development initiatives aimed at creating new products, services, or processes that bring significant changes and improvements in various areas of life. They are usually based on new technologies, ideas, or approaches, and have the potential for growth, innovation, and commercial success.


Documents that safeguard the rights and intellectual property of new inventions, technologies, or designs. They allow their owners to have exclusive rights to use and commercialize these innovations.


Persons or companies who invest in innovations and interested in financing and supporting various research directions. They are looking for promising projects and innovative ideas that have the potential for growth, development, and commercial success.


Universities play an important role in researching and developing innovations. Many universities have specialized research centers and laboratories where research is conducted in various innovation fields. They collaborate with the business sector and government organizations to create new technologies and solve complex problems.

Cities and Countries

The innovations of cities and countries is determined by their ability to develop and implement new ideas, technologies, and approaches to solving complex problems and achieving progress. Innovative cities and countries usually have a developed infrastructure for research and development, as well as active collaboration between universities, the business sector, and government organizations.

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