Spanish company EOS-X SPACE is in the final stages of developing a pressurized capsule that will ascend into the stratosphere by balloon. It is expected that the first passengers will be able to embark on this innovative journey as early as 2025. The EOS-X capsule, named after the developer, is made of carbon fiber and can accommodate 7 passengers and 1 pilot. It will rise to a height of about 40 km with the help of a helium-filled balloon. The total duration of the trip will be about 6 hours: 2 hours will be taken up, the same amount of time the capsule will spend in the stratosphere, and another 1 hour will be spent on descent and landing. The EOS-X capsule will be equipped with comfortable seats, panoramic windows, decorative lighting, a bar and a bathroom. The cost of such a stratospheric flight will be $160,000-$214,000