Every time we think of robots, we envision ourselves as a humanoid being with super intelligence and capabilities. Of course, this is far from reality now, but it is through our dreams that we bring progress closer. In this article, let’s take a look at 5 robotics startups that are already starting to change our world with their innovative ideas and technologies. Robots are closer than you think, they surround us everywhere – at home, on the street, in public transportation, at work. We just need to give them a small chance to adapt to our lives and meet our needs.


When you think of four-legged robots, you probably think of boston dynamics. But don’t be too quick. ANYbotics has been around for a while – it was founded in 2016 in Switzerland, and in May 2023, ANYbotics received an investment of $50 million in Series B funding round.

Already, the company has several robots depending on your requirements. They can replace workers in production, assist current employees, which is especially important when performing various functions in hazardous production and for the energy or mining industry. In addition to the standard functions, the robots are equipped with telescopic sensors and instruments, which can increase the precision and quality of your production.


I’m sure you’ve thought many times about green energy, the cities of tomorrow, and all the possible ways to get an endless flow of energy. Wind turbines are one of the most popular ways to get green energy today. But have you ever thought about how many resources it takes to keep these plants running? Unfortunately, more than we’d like. That’s why the guys from Aerones have found a way out – they have created robots for automatic maintenance of wind turbines. Now you no longer need to spend a lot of money and hire professionals to maintain your wind generator – robots will do everything for you, and you can continue to quietly consume electricity without worrying that it is about to run out.

The company was founded in Latvia in 2015 and is already in demand in Europe, and is preparing to sign a grant project with a European investment fund in the current 2024.


What’s the future without autopilot vehicles you ask? You are right, we are really looking forward to the moment when we can order a cab and be picked up by a flying car and the driving profession will be replaced by autopilot. But for now, let’s face reality – such innovations are only being developed. But why wait, if airplanes are already flying in the sky – the only thing left to do is to make them move independently. That’s exactly what Daedalean has come up with a set of devices that will turn your airplane into a pilotless flying vehicle. You might think this doesn’t apply to robots, but it doesn’t – you turn your airplane into a robot that can take you safely to your destination.


Here you and I are already in a future with green energy, robots replacing factory workers, and traveling without pilots. We lack medicine. Of course, robotics has also advanced in medicine – we are no longer frightened by the chairs in the dentist’s office, and our children are not afraid of the sounds that come from there.

Distalmotion’s Dexter robot will replace surgeons and perform the most complex surgery by itself, with doctors only assisting it. The company has already raised hundreds of millions of dollars and is awaiting U.S. government approval to begin medical operations, despite its relatively young age for medical companies – it was founded in 2011.

Hey, Dexter, how was the surgery?


In order to survive in this future we have envisioned, all we have to do is eat right. Let’s unload farmers and increase the productivity of the agricultural market. That’s what Ecorobotix is doing.

They develop, manufacture and market innovative energy-efficient farm machinery that reduces both the environmental impact of modern agriculture and its cost, promoting the emergence of farms that respect the environment, conserve soils and hydrological resources, using the least amount of energy possible.

The company has been in existence since 2013 and has already.

Today we took a dive into a future that is only a short step away, tell us in the comments, what’s the one thing you’d most like to try?