The ALPS company from China has presented a project of a portable house. The development was named Infinity Mobile Architecture. It represents the concept of an adaptive house capable of adapting to different conditions - from urban landscapes to mountain ranges. The system allows you to quickly and easily create a dwelling in any location and climate, minimizing the impact on the environment. The construction of the dwelling is made of lightweight materials. This reduces the environmental impact during its transportation and construction. The retractable skeleton folds up for easy transportation and expands to form a spacious living space once it arrives on site. The frame is made of high quality lightweight aluminum and the walls are made of soft fabric. The design allows it to withstand a wide range of temperatures from -5 to +40 degrees. Inside, it has a spacious interior with a dynamic ceiling that not only maximizes the living space but also lets in natural light during the day. For now, Infinity Mobile Architecture is only an idea. Whether it will be realized is not yet known.