South Korean company Raonhaje has introduced a new boat called EGO. It combines functionality and stylish design. The EGO boat looks like a catamaran and consists of two floating hulls with a transparent cabin located below the waterline. Entrance to the underwater compartment is through a hatch and ladder on the upper side of the boat, providing convenience for passengers. The model is capable of speeds up to 9 km/h. The compact semi-submarine boat is electrically powered and is controlled by a gas pedal foot pedal, steering wheel and a forward and reverse switch. It is powered by 12 8V marine batteries, providing up to 6-10 hours of autonomous operation on a single charge. The boat is equipped with an LCD monitor linked to a high-resolution camera, allowing passengers to enjoy the view above the waterline. EGO's windows are made of special acrylic materials for durability and light transmission for better visibility underwater. Inside the Ego Compact Submarine, the Ego Compact Submarine has everything you need for a comfortable stay underwater: comfortable seats, lighting system and ventilation. The model is available in different colors - red, green and pink. It costs $83,874