Segway has begun selling a lawnmower that autonomously cuts grass without human input.

Using GPS, a camera, and artificial intelligence, the lawnmower detects the boundaries of the grass, so it doesn’t ride on sidewalks, bodies of water, the ground, or other surfaces.

If necessary, the user can change the terrain map in the app, add restricted areas and other vegetation that the lawnmower should avoid. The principle is the same as with robot vacuum cleaners.

The device can operate in any weather. For this purpose, there is IP66 protection against water and dust.

The lawnmower is available in two versions: i105N and i110N. They differ only in the battery. The i105N has a 2550 mAh battery (enough for a ~5 acre plot), while the i110N has a 5100 mAh battery (enough for a ~10 acre plot).

The Segway i105N costs $999 in the US, while the i110N version will cost $1299.