Oppo has unveiled its new product at MWC 2024, the Air Glass 3 smartglasses. This device weighs 50g and looks like regular glasses, but they have a lot of smart features.

Air Glass 3 work with an AI assistant from Oppo called AndesGPT. Thus, the glasses offer users features like voice search, information output and image scanning. They also support touch control with which you can easily operate the above features.

The lenses of the glasses can create color images with a brightness of 1,000 nits. These images take extended reality (XR) to the next level. Oppo claims that the lenses are ultra-high quality and have a refractive index of 1.70.

Air Glass 3 is equipped with four microphones. These microphones are used to recognize voice commands and provide high quality audio. The glasses can be paired with Oppo phones.

Oppo claims that the Air Glass 3 are still in the development stage and it is still unclear whether they will go into mass production. However, the company says it continues to work in this area and is looking to enter the smartglasses market.