Embarking on a venture capital journey for a FoodTech startup requires strategic alignment with investors who understand the nuances of the industry. Identifying the right backers can significantly impact your business trajectory. Here’s a list of 10 noteworthy investors fueling innovation in the FoodTech sector:

Better Food Ventures

Location: Menlo Park, CAFunding Stage: Early-stage, seed stageFocus: Investments spanning the food and agriculture value chain, supporting digitization.Notable Investments: Milk Moovement, Love with Food, Byte

1st Course Capital

Location: Redwood City, CAFunding Stage: Early-stage, pre-seed, seedFocus: Investing in innovative business models and technologies shaping food production and distribution.Notable Investments: BlueCart, Farmshelf, Gooder Foods

Nucleus Capital

Location: BerlinFunding Stage: Pre-seed and seed stageFocus: Supporting purpose-driven founders tackling global threats to planetary health.Notable Investments: Planet A Foods, Juicy Marbles, Yuri

Tet Ventures

Location: Berlin, GermanyFunding Stage: Early-stageFocus: Global foodtech investments for building a better food system.Notable Investments: Farmstead, Maven, Gather Made

Bread and Butter Ventures

Location: Minneapolis, MNFunding Stage: Seed stageFocus: Early-stage venture capital with a global reach, emphasizing Food Tech, Health Tech, and Enterprise SaaS.Notable Investments: Alchemy, Dispatch Goods, Omnia Fishing


Location: Lausanne, SwitzerlandFunding Stage: Pre-seed to Series AFocus: Providing a platform for Food & FoodTech professionals to access funding, network, and knowledge.Learn more about FoodHack

Bluestein Ventures

Location: Chicago, ILFunding Stage: Early-stage (seed to series A)Focus: Seeking visionary entrepreneurs with a purpose-driven approach, supporting paradigm-changing ideas.Notable Investments: Cultured Decadence, Meati, New Culture


Location: San Francisco, CAFunding Stage: Seed to Series BFocus: Online Venture Capital Platform investing in agriculture and food technology companies.Notable Investments: Atomo Coffee, Alpha Foods, FieldIn

S2G Ventures

Location: Chicago, Boston, and San FranciscoFunding Stage: Seed to growth stageFocus: Investing across various stages, prioritizing companies with positive environmental and societal impacts.Notable Investments: AppHarvest, Ripple, Beyond Meat

Blue Horizon

Location: Zurich, SwitzerlandFunding Stage: Seed to Series BFocus: Accelerating the transition to a sustainable food system, investing at the intersection of biology, agriculture, and technology.Notable Investments: Eat Just, Impossible Foods, Planted

In a rapidly evolving industry, aligning with the right venture capital partner is crucial for the success of your FoodTech venture. These investors, with their diverse portfolios, reflect a commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the food sector.