In a significant technological breakthrough, Betavolt Technology, a Beijing-based startup, recently announced the successful development of the world’s first micro-atomic energy battery. The BB100 battery, smaller than a coin at 15x15x5 mm, utilizes nickel-63 isotope decay and China’s first diamond semiconductor module. This groundbreaking design enables the battery to produce 100 microwatts of energy continuously for 50 years without recharging.

The unique semiconductor made of single-crystal diamond, only 10 micrometers thin, allows efficient conversion of decay energy from radioactive nickel-63 into electricity. This micro-atomic energy battery has entered the pilot production stage and is set to be mass-produced and released soon. It holds great potential for long-endurance applications in aerospace, AI devices, medical equipment, MEMS systems, advanced sensors, small drones, and microrobots, providing stable and emission-free energy.

Betavolt’s approach differs from traditional thermoelectric nuclear batteries, offering a compact and cost-effective solution for civilian use. The company plans to launch a 1W battery in 2025, with potential applications ranging from powering phones indefinitely to providing continuous energy for drones with extended flight times. Unlike chemical batteries, atomic energy batteries boast higher energy density, increased safety, environmental friendliness, and a 50-year self-generating nature. Betavolt’s innovation marks a significant step towards advancing AI technology and gaining a competitive edge in the AI revolution.