In the ever-changing world of robots, a big development has happened: the rise of humanoid robot companies. One of these rising stars is Figure, a new player in the field. Figure has quickly become well-known for its goal of creating robots that look and move like humans. With a recent boost of $675 million in funding, Figure is now valued at $2.6 billion, showing how far it’s come in a short time.

Figure was started in 2022 but only caught public attention about a year ago. They showed off their robots’ skills in videos on YouTube, walking and even making coffee. These videos got a lot of people interested, and big companies and investors started putting money into Figure.

What’s really helped Figure is its team of over 80 engineers. These folks have worked at top companies like Boston Dynamics and Google, bringing lots of know-how to the table. This expertise has put Figure in a leading position in the world of humanoid robots.

The recent funding round, supported by big names like Microsoft and Jeff Bezos, is a sign that people believe in Figure’s vision. This money will help Figure speed up its plans to get humanoid robots into workplaces. It’ll also help them improve the robots’ smarts and make more of them.

Figure’s partnership with OpenAI is also a big deal. OpenAI is known for its advanced AI models, and now they’re teaming up with Figure to make robots that can understand language and think better. This could lead to robots that are much more useful and easier to work with.

Besides the money and partnerships, Figure is also teaming up with big companies like BMW to put their robots to work. This means we might see humanoid robots in real-world jobs sooner than we think, helping humans with tasks in places like factories.

Figure’s journey shows us that robotics is moving fast. With better technology and smarter robots, we’re on the brink of a new era where humans and robots work side by side. It’s an exciting time for sure, and Figure is leading the charge into this new future.