I’m sure that many of you watching the success of startups and how they become unicorns, at least once dreamed of creating something similar, but stopped at the first stage. The stage of forming an idea. After all, you need something new, innovative and necessary for everyone. This is how you can find business ideas that will literally make you $100,000 per month.

Build the Anti-Something.

Take something popular and build the anti-version of it. Uber is the antitaxi. Airbnb is antihotel. Tesla is antigasoline.

Look at job descriptions from your favorite companies.

Take these job descriptions and list the things the company is willing to pay for. Build a business around one of the responsibilities they are looking for.

Any spreadsheet can be a business idea.

This could be a software service people would pay for. Do you have a spreadsheet of customers, investors, growth engines, or finances? This could be a software service people would pay for.

Write down your strengths.

Consider building a business around something you’re great at. Consider different monetization models like software, coaching, consulting, subscription, and paid community.

Then, launch and iterate.

Share with us in the comments how you launched your startup or plan to do so.