Joe Doucet showed a smart system for generating energy based on a multitude of vertical wind turbines. The project is called AIRIVA. The system consists of 2 structures with 8 turbines each, measuring 2.1 x 2.1 x 1.05 meters. The company estimates that 5 such units would be required to provide 100% of the electricity for 1 medium-sized house. In 2024, Doucet intends to create a wall of 25 vertical turbines with a total peak power of 10 kW. This design has the potential to generate 240 kWh of energy daily. However, experts note that the efficiency of vertical turbines may be lower compared to models on a horizontal axis. Systems consisting of multiple connected Airiva units can be used along highways or under bridges. Potentially, this technology could be applied to large infrastructure such as airports, harbors or railway stations. The first deliveries of this modular system are scheduled for 2025.