The Swedish island of Värmde (near Stockholm) has launched the first European food delivery service using drones.

The service is based on the existing Foodora delivery application. To implement the project, technologies of Tele2 and drone manufacturer Aerit were used.

Food will be delivered by Aerit Nimbi, a drone that looks like a milk can. A small box with food and goods is attached to this “can”, which the quadrocopter delivers only to private homes. There is no support for apartments yet. The drone flies up to the door and leaves the lunchbox at the entrance. At that moment, the user receives a notification about the delivered order. The drone is navigated by the Internet of Things and Tele2’s 5G cellular network. Food can be ordered from the Foodora app – there you need to select drone delivery.

Aerit engineers reported that their drone is silent and safe – passers-by are not in danger of the drone falling on their heads while it is flying to the customer. The Aerit Nimbi uses 6 propellers located on three arms. The payload capacity is 4 kg with a volume of up to 10 liters. On a single charge, the drone can fly up to 21 kilometers. If the drone is maximally loaded, the range is reduced to 12 km. The noise level is 65 dB, which is comparable to a quiet conversation between two people.

Foodora delivery service director Daniel Gustafsson Raba commented, “We are proud to be the first in Europe to launch true drone delivery, and we are delighted that Tele2 and Aerit are partners in this exciting journey”.

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