Sirius Aviation has partnered with BMW Designworks to unveil its upcoming eVTOL called the CEO Jet. This airplane is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The CEO Jet has 28 propellers that can tilt for vertical takeoff and horizontal flight. It is expected to reach a cruising speed of up to 516 km/h and climb to an altitude of up to 6,400 meters. It will also be able to take off and land vertically. The airplane's propulsion system is based on a hydrogen-electric system. A liquid hydrogen fuel tank feeds the fuel cells that charge the batteries and drive the propellers. Inside the eVTOL is a simplified cockpit with pilot controls and a digital display for flight and navigation data. Seats for 3 passengers are well spaced and have various amenities such as tables, cup holders and storage. Sirius Aviation plans to begin mass production of the CEO Jet in 2028.