European lawmakers have passed the world’s first bill that regulates artificial intelligence.According to it, the specified rules prohibit certain uses of AI, introduce new transparency rules and require risk assessments for high-risk AI systems. The new legislation applies to AI products on the EU market, regardless of where they were developed. It introduces a system of fines of up to 7% of a company’s global revenue in case of violation.

Among the restrictions:– A ban on the use of certain AI capable of recognising emotions in schools and workplaces– A ban on the use of facial recognition and “biometric identification” systems in public places– Regulation of AI based on biometric identification system– All deepfakes must be labelled– A restriction on the use of AI to process CVs

The law is expected to come into force in May or June 2024, following approval at all stages. Its implementation will begin in 2025 and will be rolled out over several years.

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