Dubai has begun work on an ambitious $32 billion mega airport project, signaling the Emirate’s bold vision to lead the world in aviation infrastructure and tourism.

Dubai Governor Mohammed bin Rashid announced plans to expand Al Maktoum International Airport, which, when completed, will be the largest airport in the world, capable of handling more than 260 million passengers.

The ambitious project, led by Dubai Aviation Corporation, includes the construction of new terminals with 400 gates and five parallel runways. These improvements will make Al Maktoum International Airport five times larger than the current Dubai International Airport.

Governor bin Rashid emphasized Dubai’s ambition to become the world’s leading aviation hub, describing the new airport as the centerpiece of a larger vision that includes the development of an entire city surrounding the airport in Dubai’s southern region.

This city will accommodate up to one million residents and be home to the world’s leading companies in the logistics and aerospace sectors.