Smart cities are cities where modern technologies and innovations are applied to improve the quality of life for residents. They involve the use of the Internet of Things to monitor and manage various city systems such as transportation, energy, security, and waste management.

Let’s imagine what main topics can be discussed

Smart infrastructure. Incorporating modern technologies and innovations to improve transportation systems, energy, security, and waste management.Sustainability. Developing urban environments that minimize negative impact on the environment and efficiently utilize resources.Digitization. Using the Internet of Things and sensor technologies to collect and analyze data, optimizing the functioning of urban systems and enhancing residents’ quality of life.Citizen participation. Involving residents in decision-making processes and considering their needs and preferences when designing urban projects.Innovative economy. Creating a favorable environment for the development of startups, research centers, and high-tech industries, stimulating economic growth and innovation.Quality of life. Ensuring convenience, safety, access to cultural and educational resources, and creating a favorable social environment for residents.

What exactly will be revealed by the CES speakers will be known on January 9th.

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