In a move showing a focus on business safety, Amazon has unveiled a new version of its home-monitoring robot, Astro, made specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Named Astro for Business, this clever solution offers thorough surveillance abilities, allowing SMBs to protect their spaces and goods effectively.

After thorough testing, Amazon is launching Astro for Business, which comes with advanced features tailored to meet the unique security needs of SMBs. Equipped with AI-driven person recognition, mapping, an HD periscope camera with night vision, and smart alerts, Astro for Business ensures careful monitoring of areas up to 5,000 square feet.

Anthony Robson, head of product for Amazon Astro, stressed the practical benefits of Astro for Business, highlighting its ability to fill security gaps and provide peace of mind to business owners. By using Astro’s smart motion abilities, businesses gain visibility into hidden spots and previously inaccessible areas, enhancing overall security measures.

Astro for Business offers flexibility and versatility, moving smoothly through business environments. Additionally, a new Astro Secure subscription enhances functionality, enabling autonomous patrols, custom routes, and monitoring for critical events such as alarms or breaking glass sounds.

Robson highlighted the need for innovative security solutions tailored to SMBs. Traditional measures often fall short due to their fixed nature or high costs, leaving businesses at risk. Astro for Business aims to tackle these challenges, providing a more accessible and effective solution.

The success of the Astro for Business pilot program underscores its potential impact across various industries. Feedback from participants highlights the benefits, with users expressing confidence in monitoring and protecting assets remotely.

Jonathan Hebel, chief operating officer of Hapa Group, praised Astro’s impact, noting enhanced control over critical operations and risk reduction.

Astro for Business is available for purchase on Amazon at $2,350, including a four-month trial of Ring Protect and Astro Secure subscriptions. Customers can enhance security with a Virtual Security Guard subscription for an additional $99 per month.

The launch of Astro for Business shows Amazon’s dedication to using technology for real-world business challenges. With its easy-to-use design and advanced features, Astro for Business represents a new era of accessible business security solutions.