The “Just Walk Out” concept stores worked like this: at the entrance to the store, a customer scanned a QR code, picked up groceries and left after receiving a receipt at the exit. This concept worked since 2016 through a complex system of cameras, scanners and artificial intelligence.

But in the news about the closure of the stores, it was mentioned that Amazon relied on «more than 1,000 people from India to watch and mark the videos». The authors of some information resources concluded that Amazon did not have any AI, instead Hindus sat and punched through the goods. Because of this, they said, customers waited hours for their checks.

In fact, the AI made a shopping list, but his work needs to be checked, so he doesn’t screw it up. If the automatics were not 100% sure that she recognized the products correctly, then sent the materials to check the living person. And the person was already deciding whether the AI worked correctly in a particular case or not. That’s when the delays occurred. No sensation, almost all neural services require a controller who will verify that the AI has worked correctly.

And what about closing the shops? Keeping the system of cameras, scanners, AI and people was expensive. They will be replaced by smart carts. In such built-in scanner and screen, which allow you to punch the goods right during the walk around the store. And they’re going to self-service cashiers for people who aren’t Amazon customers.