City on the Water

Haiti is an island nation torn apart by poverty and natural disasters like the earthquakes that wrecked much of Port-au-Prince and displaced millions of people.

Architect E. Kevin Schopfer has developed a new floating metropolis with 30,000 inhabitants along the beach with a living area supporting agricultural and light industries. Four floating modules connected by a canal system make up the 3-kilometre-diameter construction.

If necessary, the city may be expanded to withstand hurricanes and typhoons.

A City Built Out of “Pebbles”

Vincent Callebaut, a Belgian architect, is recognized for his ideas that are inspired by natural shapes, such as floating lotus-shaped towns. He exhibited the vertical city of Shenzhen in China, which was built in the shape of cairns, or stone pyramids, this time.

The architect explains, “The objective is to create a pleasant urban environment with a zero carbon impact and positive energy.”

The city is expected to follow jungle rules, be high-density, and have gardens and vegetable gardens nestled directly into the residential towers in this project. Each tower has 20 glass “pebbles” with solar panels and wind turbines embedded in them.

City in Three Dimensions

What if our cities were designed on a three-dimensional grid by our architects? NeoTax is the name of a proposal that was submitted to the eVolo 2011 Skyscraper Competition.

Buildings that expand upwards and outwards. The structures, which are organized into a horizontal and vertical street grid, are based on a modular concept, in which each module may be considered as a single building that is connected to another at ground level.

We’ll all be neighbours in a sense, and we won’t be uprooting green regions for the sake of building.

Crypto Metropolis – A “100% Crypto-Based City”

Akon, the GRAMMY-nominated artist, plans to establish a futuristic metropolis in Senegal, which he describes as a “real-life Wakanda,” with an economy based on a new virtual currency named after him.

The 45-year-old singer, who was born in Missouri but is of Senegalese origin and spent most of his youth there, believes it has the potential to be “Africa’s saviour.” Akon expects that his new cryptocurrency Coin will be at the heart of Akon Crypto Metropolis, a “100% crypto-based city” in the Senegalese capital of Dakar.

The Coin digital currency, like bitcoin, would operate outside the sphere of governments and established financial institutions, bringing “power back to the people.”

Elysium City – Europe’s First ‘Intelligent’ City

In 2023, Spain will host Europe’s first “intelligent” city. The environmentally friendly project is being built from the ground up and will run on solar energy. The first phase, scheduled to open in 2023, will include four hotels with casinos, a water park, and a Disney-style theme park, as well as a high-speed train station, retail, dining, and entertainment spaces, an 18-hole golf course, a 40,000-seater sports stadium, a data centre, and other city services.

More luxury hotels, an equestrian centre, and a Formula One racing circuit will be added to the development in the second phase, which is set to open in 2028 ‘intelligent’ city to launch in Spain