The year 2016 was a big moment when the Paris Agreement on Climate Change began. However, Bill Gates, a tech leader and philanthropist, says we need more than just cutting global emissions – he calls for an “energy miracle.”

To tackle this, Gates and other rich people have started a fund for tech-driven solutions, bringing together governments, research groups, and wealthy investors. Here are five tech ideas that could help reach their goal.

Clean Power Production

Nuclear power makes electricity without carbon emissions, but it needs to be safer and cheaper. General Fusion, a Canadian company, aims to be the first to make a nuclear fusion power plant that works for business. Fusion energy is safe and eco-friendly, emitting only helium, and it could power the planet for millions of years.

Green Transport

Transport is responsible for 23% of global CO2 emissions. While electric cars are an option, we need better batteries and charging tech. Scientists at the University of Surrey claim they found new materials that could make batteries 1,000-10,000 times more powerful than current ones, making electric cars travel long distances without long charging breaks.

Sustainable Food

Around 25% of global emissions come from feeding 7 billion people, with meat consumption being a big part. Lab-grown meat and plant-based substitutes, like Beyond Meat’s burger made from pea protein, are alternatives gaining attention.

Carbon Capture in Industry

Industries create about 30% of emissions, putting a strain on the climate. Carbon Engineering, a Canadian startup, is working on taking carbon dioxide directly from the air to make fuel. They claim this method can remove more CO2 than trees, offering a promising way to cut emissions.

Smart Buildings for Greener Living

Buildings contribute nearly 20% of global emissions due to energy needs. Sidewalk Labs, part of Google’s parent company Alphabet, is creating smarter cities using digital tech. One project looks at improving traffic flow to reduce pollution in cities.

Members of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, like Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma, have pledged over $1 billion for the next 20 years to support these tech solutions.