The new and best innovations for the home in our review. Can you remember the last time you wondered how forked gadgets have changed your life? They have completely turned your lifestyle upside down, from work to a walk in the park or a vacation. Innovations simplify our life and make it more comfortable. Let’s look into the near future together with you and consider the Top 5 innovations that will make your home cozier.

PureWash E930 smart toilet seat

American manufacturer of sanitary ware Kohler presented at CES 2024 a smart toilet seat PureWash E930.

Its specialty is that it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants. The user can control all the functions by voice without the need for buttons or a remote, but they are there too.

The seat has a built-in bidet with a constant water heating function. You can also adjust the water temperature and pressure. The PureWash E930 has UV self-cleaning capability and the lid can open and close automatically.


Startup NuraLogix unveiled the Anura MagicMirror smart mirror at CES 2024.

The device is a 21.5-inch mirror with built-in cameras, sensors and AI. In 30 seconds, it scans your face and collects data about your body’s performance based on blood flow.The device evaluates over 100 metrics. Here are some of them:

blood pressure normalitythe quality of your cardiovascular and lung function.whether the skin is getting enough nutrition, whether it needs a change of care.whether a person is stressed, at risk for depression.predisposition to diabetes

Importantly, the gadget is not tied to a specific person. The mirror can be used by anyone. It is for this reason that the manufacturer suggests using the gadget, for example, in street or vending kiosks, gyms, hospitals and so on.

Lockly Visage Facial Recognition Smart Lock

Lockly, a smart lock company, unveiled its new product at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The Lockly Visage is a $349 Matter-enabled transom replacement that scans your face to unlock your door.

Facial recognition is nothing new – connected video calls and security cameras use it all the time – but the Visage is the first smart lock to use the technology to make unlocking completely hands-free. The device features two 2MP infrared sensors that can recognize a face within 2.6 feet of the door. Unlocking takes less than 1.5 seconds and can work with up to 100 faces stored in Visage’s memory.

Visage features a fingerprint scanner and digital keypad, as well as conventional physical keys as alternative unlocking options. Visage also allows the use of RFID cards to grant access.

Lockly claims that its smart lock is compatible with Matter, but official certification has yet to be finalized. However, Visage is expected to go on sale this summer with full support for Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

AI assistant for Panasonic

Irish company Fresco has signed an agreement with Panasonic to bring its artificial intelligence-powered cooking assistant to the kitchen.

The new assistant, which combines Fresco’s large language models and artificial intelligence technology, will be used in conjunction with Panasonic equipment such as multi-function tabletop ovens and microwave ovens.

The smart assistant, which can be accessed on the Panasonic app, will allow customers to customize recipes according to their dietary preferences and lifestyle in real time by adjusting portion sizes, substituting ingredients and changing cooking settings. The first appliance to receive the new assistant will be the Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 multi-oven, which will be demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas.

LG Smart WashCombo

All-in-one washer-dryer combo machines came into vogue at CES this year. These machines wash and dry in one unit, which means a more streamlined laundry day and no need to transfer wet laundry from one machine to another. They also save floor space and reduce laundry room space to a linen closet.

The only disadvantage of combination washer-dryers is the inability to cycle washing and drying at the same time, so it can take longer to process multiple loads.

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