Breakthrough in robotics… Could you ever believe that you would witness dizzying events on a scale comparable to the invention of electricity or the creation of the nuclear bomb? I’m sure you didn’t, but today you and I are on the threshold of new inventions that will change all of human life. In this review we will dive into 5 dizzying ideas that are already becoming a reality and you can experience them for yourself.

Snow-Cleaning Robot

Today no one can see different smart models of robot vacuum cleaners, but I’m sure you have not seen such a thing and will definitely want to buy one. Shoveling snow on a cold winter morning is not a pleasant task. Snowbot is a valuable robot that can help you save time and energy during the snow season. The $4,800 price tag may seem prohibitive, but for regions with harsh winters, it will be a welcome purchase. The Snowbot is innovative and practical, and we hope to see more affordable options in the future.

Lawn-Mowing Robot

But, of course, not everyone gets snow and those lucky ones get to see a year-round evergreen landscape outside their window. The only thing is to keep an eye on the lawn. Who better to do it than you? A robot, of course, while you spend time with your friends. Husqvarna’s Automower is a remarkable automatic robotic lawn mower that can save you countless hours of yard work or even replace the need for a gardener. This powerful lawn mower works autonomously, covering up to 2.5 acres on a single charge. Equipped with GPS and object detection sensors, it can be scheduled to automatically mow the lawn at specific times. Alternatively, recreational users can take control of it and mow the garden while sipping their morning coffee.

Security Home Drone

Do robots really only help with cleaning? Definitely not. They can be entrusted with more demanding tasks, such as guarding your peace of mind at home.Increase the security of your home with the Ring Always Home unmanned security device. This innovative monitoring device takes your home security to the next level. You can schedule this home drone to fly around your home when you’re not home and get real-time updates on any unusual activity. You can use it to check if you left the oven on or forgot to close a window. Instead of installing multiple cameras, this flying home robot allows you to look at what’s going on in the house from different perspectives. What’s more, it can be connected to Ring’s alarm system or sensors so it can take quick action when triggered.

Labrador Retriever home assistant robot

There are robots that can be handled not only by a child or an adult, but even by an elderly person. A robot with the promising name Labrador Retriever was created for this target audience. Labrador Retriever is an innovative home assistant robot designed to help seniors with everyday tasks. This versatile robot can move items from one place to another, and in the advanced version, it can even place trays in designated areas. It responds to voice commands and can help with tasks like laundry, washing dishes, grocery shopping and more. If you add a refrigerator to it, the Labrador robot can even bring you a bottle of cold water.

Robot companion Ballie

Ballie is designed to control home smart devices and provide security in the home. The device moves with the help of small wheels on the sides of the body and a centering wheel on the back that holds the right position for tilting. The central segment of the robot is equipped with a camera, a set of sensors and sensors that help the gadget to navigate in space and move in the right direction. There is also a projector installed there. On top, the robot has a module for controlling smart home devices, including an IR transmitter.

Samsung said that Ballie can automatically adjust the projection size depending on how far the robot is from the wall and lighting conditions. The company assured that “it is the world’s first projection robot that automatically detects people’s poses and head tilt to choose the optimal projection angle for them.”

The Ballie robot can cheer up, turn on electronics in the kitchen and rooms, help with charging, monitor home security, feed and entertain pets, and send videos and images from home to the user. Ballie can also project pictures of different objects on the floor, wall or ceiling, following the owner around the house.

Tell us, what robots do you use at home?