One of the unforgettable impressions of futurism is similar projects that can already benefit society today. Let’s enjoy.

Modular Houses Of The Future – a Belgian Project From Skillpod

This mini-house was built by the Belgian firm Skillpod. The house is made of laminated laminated wood, well suited for one person. The building is assembled in less than a day and can generate more energy than it consumes.

When designing the first Skilpod prefabricated structures, the authors set themselves several tasks at once, including expanding the space of the main house (the idea itself appeared as a desire to help a friend – a young man forced to live with his parents for medical reasons) and ensuring the fastest installation – in less than a day.

Friendship Park In The Eco-cCty of Tianjin.

The international company Grant Associates has won an international competition to create a new 41-hectare urban park for the Chinese-Singapore Eco-city of Tianjin (EOUS) in northern China.

Occupying a central place in the eco-city of Tianjin on the Gu Dao Canal, the design concept for Friendship Park is a park that welcomes visitors of all ages, celebrates the friendship between China and Singapore and embodies the principles of sustainable development.

The project includes a winter garden of five glass biomorphic structures, which contains collections of tropical plants and water gardens. Other key design elements are a centre of incredibly beautiful artificial wetlands, a city marina, playgrounds, a lawn for various celebrations and events, as well as an amphitheatre.

The ‘Metro Train of The Future’ Concept

The ‘Metro Train of The Future’ concept has been designed by Art. Lebedev Studio is a new take on the classic urban transportation train that would help to make passengers feel more at ease during their trip.

The train starts off with a clean, modern design that features large windows in order to maximize the passenger’s view of the outside world to decrease feelings of claustrophobia. The walls of the train can also be projected with videos to help further keep passengers entertained as they travel.

The ‘Metro Train of The Future’ concept is also designed with special terminals that can accommodate transit pass purchases, utility payments and a range of other services to further save passenger time.