If you believe that rocket science, space travel, and astronomy only concern those aiming for the moon or Mars and offer no benefits to Earth, think again.

Here are 10 everyday creations that owe their existence to space programs and research:

Wireless headphones: Enjoy your mobile music and studies without any wires, thanks to NASA’s mission to prevent astronauts from getting tangled up in space.Memory foam pillows: Experience a comfortable night’s sleep with memory foam pillows, initially designed for a soft lunar module landing on the moon to ensure astronaut comfort.Infrared ear thermometers: Measure your temperature conveniently with infrared technology, initially developed for space use to detect energy emitted from the ear drum.Freeze-dried food: Weight-saving freeze-dried food, including ice cream, was created for Apollo moon missions to provide nutrition while reducing payload weight.Translucent braces: If you opt for clear ceramic braces, thank NASA’s use of translucent polycrystalline alumina, a strong material initially employed to protect infrared detectors.Camera phones: Capture moments with camera phones, an outcome of NASA’s efforts in the 1990s to develop small yet scientifically capable cameras for spacecraft.Scratch-resistant glasses: Benefit from scratch-resistant lenses with a diamond-like coating, inspired by the protective visors on astronauts’ space helmets.Long-lasting tires: Extend the life of your car tires by up to 10,000 miles, thanks to a material five times stronger than steel, originally used in the Viking Landers sent to Mars.Sport shoes: Walk with comfort in Nike Air shoes, incorporating blow rubber molding, a technique initially employed in crafting space suits at NASA before being adopted by Nike.Water filters: The electrolytic silver iodizer developed by NASA for space missions in the 1960s is now used in water filters and pool purification.