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Startup Brilliant Labs revealed incredible Frame smart glasses with a transparent screen that work all day without recharging

Singapore-based startup Brilliant Labs has introduced Frame smart glasses, which are very similar in concept to Google Glass.

Frame looks like ordinary glasses, but they have a transparent microOLED screen and a camera.

According to the promotional video, the glasses are designed to work with artificial intelligence. For this purpose, the company uses OpenAI and Perplexity developments.

Frame can translate text that is in front of the user’s eyes, answer questions with AI and generate pictures. The rest of the capabilities are still unknown, because no one has used the glasses.

Also in the promotional video it is shown that the image is displayed on the whole screen, but in reality the picture will be displayed only in the field of view of 20 degrees.

The device is powered by two batteries located in the temples. They are charged using the branded Mister Power charger, which is attached in the middle of the frame. The manufacturer promises that the glasses will work for a day without recharging.

Brilliant Labs has already opened pre-orders for the glasses. They are priced at $350. Sales will start on April 15.

The company was founded by Bobak Tavangar in 2019. He has been studying augmented reality since 2012 and worked at Apple’s Shanghai office until 2019. There, he was in charge of implementing Apple’s software in the supply chain.

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